What’s new in firmware 3.9

1) For correct operation of mobile DPS with lithium batteries, load shutdown has been added when the input voltage drops below the minimum by 10 percent.

For example, if the minimum input voltage is set to 30 volts, then load cutoff will occur when the input voltage is less than 27 volts.

This shutdown mode works when the setting Battery Source = Yes.

2) Improved Bluetooth connection so that modules from different manufacturers can be used. For example, JDY-31 Aliexpress example. JDY-31 is fully compatible with stock BT module. HC-05 or HC-06 works but cannot be configured via the menu. HC-06   –>>   aliexpress example

JDY-31 on board

3) Changed the color of the battery level indicator from gray to yellow-green.

4) Improved work with external gyroscope. Now there is no undefined position at 45 degrees of tilt.

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