DPS Bluetooth option

Stock Bluetooth module

The stock BT module answer with AT command AT+VERSION

+VERSION=+BOLUTEK Firmware V2.2, Bluetooth V2.1

Chip: BK3231

It looks like BOLUTEK BC-04

JDY-31 from aliexpress answer the same, looks the same, works the same.

Also I tryed module with chip BK3432. PCB was marked as BC-04. It responced as +VERSION=V2.0.1

JDY-31 supply 3.3V
ATCheck if the command terminal work normally
AT+VERSIONGet firmware, bluetooth, HCI and LMP version
AT+NAMEGet/Set local device name
AT+PINGet/Set pin code for pairing
AT+BAUDGet/Set baud rate
AT+ENABLEINDEnable/Disable Indication print
AT+UARTMODEGet/Set uart stop bits and parity

What about HC-05 / HC-06

You can use HC-05 and HC-06 with DPS. It works rather well except “Communication” menu. As the default configuration suits our application, then we can use HC-05/06 immediately. Notice about supply voltage as DPS UART socket has 3.3V outlet.

Defaul settings for НС-05/06:

  • Baud rate  = 9600
  • Role  = Slave

Difference between HC-05 and HC-06:

HC-05 can work as a master or as a slave. There is a pin (key) to enter AT command mode. There is the led indication for AT command mode. Default baud rate for AT command mode 38400.

HC-05 most useful AT commands are

AT : Ceck the connection.
AT+NAME : Default name
AT+ADDR : Default address
AT+VERSION : Get version
AT+UART : Set\Get baudrate
AT+ROLE: Set\Get role (1=master/0=slave)
AT+RESET : Reset and exit AT mode
AT+ORGL : Restore factory settings
AT+PSWD: Set\Get password

Entering HC-05 Command Mode

HC-05 is put in Command Mode by setting the CMD pin to logic High. There is one important point the user should be aware of when setting the device in Command Mode – the baud rate may assume a different value depending on the instance the CMD pin is switched to high:

  • If HC-05 is powered ON with CMD pin to +Vcc, the UART is set to 38400bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no handshake.
  • If the HC-05 is powered ON with the CMD pin at logic low (or open circuit), and then pulled High a moment later, the UART parameters assumes a set of values that was previously fixed using the AT+UART command, with 9600bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and no handshake as default parameter values. 
HC-05/06 supply 3.3V
HC-05/06 supply 5V

HC-06 can work only as a slave. There is no a pin (key) to enter AT command mode, no led indication. It accepts a short list of AT command. Default baud rate for AT command mode allways 9600. Unlike HC05, you can’t see the default name or baud rate. You can only change them. To change name type AT+NAMEnewname, notice that there should be no space between the command and name. The module will reply OKnewname.

HC 06 AT command list is limited: 

AT : check the connection
AT+NAME: Change name. No space between name and command.
AT+BAUD: change baud rate, x is baud rate code, no space between command and code.
AT+PIN: change pin, xxxx is the pin, again, no space.