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How to flash new firmware to DPS device

The easiest and cheapest way is to use a Chinese programmer sold on aliexpress ($3). Any ST-Link device or ST-Link clone can be used.

Then you have to download from and install STM32CubeProgrammer. This is a free program from the chip manufacturer, no registration is required. The download link will be sent to your mail after request.

When you connect programmer first time, it is recommended to upgrade firmware of programmer itself. Open STM32CubeProgrammer application and choose  Firmware update, then click Open in update mode and if newer firmware is available,  choose Upgrade.


ST-Link to DPS connection

You should connect 3 pins between ST-Link and DPS device.

  1. SWDIO
  2. SWCLK
  3. GND

Also you should connect power supply (IN+  and IN-)  to DPS as usual.

For DPS5005 take out PCB from plastic cover.

DPS5020 DPS5015
using common jumpers with sewing needles as a connector

Open STM32CubeProgrammer application and click  Connect. If the connection is successful, you will see the target information in the lower right corner.

Select Option Bytes (OB) in the left pane then Read Out Protection. If RDP is highlighted, deselect it and click Apply.

At the left panel select Erasing & Programming. Then Browse for FWxxxx_Vxx.bin file you wish to download and click Start Programming. In some cases you should do Full chip erase before programming. If everything is ok you will see new logo on device screen.

How to save the stock Chinese firmware

If you are afraid of new firmware and want to be able to restore Chinese firmware. Before programming must be replaced with new two chips: microcontroller and memory (marked as U7). Since the memory stores calibration data.

  • microcontroller STM32F100C8T6
  • memory I2C eeprom 256×8 (2KBit) sot23-5 

For instance 24AA02E48T-I/OT  Pdf document

Alternative firmware files

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you face any trouble re-creating my projects. I will gladly help 🙂

NOTE:  After changing the firmware you should do the calibration.

How to calibrate in detail

Video – How to calibrate in Russian

NOTE: If you are using the Bluetooth module, before updating firmware check if baudrate is set to 9600 in the DPS “Communication” menu.

Old version archive


Connecting any rechargeable batteries directly to the output of the unit can crash the DPS device !!!

  1. In case of polarity reversal – 100% failure of any DPS model.
  2. When the output voltage of the power supply is turned off, the voltage from the battery will flow back to the power supply. This could damage it. And it 100% burns the DPS5020 / 5015 !!!
  3. These features are associated with the circuitry of the power supplies and do not depend on the firmware.
  4. Information about charging in the official manufacturers article is NOT CORRECT!!!
  5. To avoid the above charging problems, use an additional diode as shown in the figure below. Consider the amperage and voltage drop across the diode when charging.
  6. If you find it difficult to understand the above problems, do not charge the batteries using DPS power supplies, use specialized chargers instead.